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Job Applications

The most important part of the change that will shape the future is to discover yourself. With the pride of being one of the leading companies in the software world in Turkey, we are here to accompany you on your career journey. Considering the personal talents of our colleagues who will join us, we create a healthy work environment for them and contribute to the personal and professional development of our staff. If you want to take your place in the VBT staff and be involve the story;

You can send your CV to [email protected] for your job applications.

Your CVs will be kept for a certain period of time within the KVKK(The Law on the Protection of Personal Data) rules.

Recruitment Processes

All resumes are evaluated in possible positions. After interviewing with human resources, due to the relevant department, they are interviewed for a technical interview. Candidates are notified at the end of the evaluation process whether the interview is positive or negative.As a result of the positive meeting, the candidate is offered a job. The recruitment process starts with the acceptance of the offer by the candidate.

You can send mail to [email protected] for your questions.

Internship Applications / Internship Calendar

As part of the "VBT Digital Internship Program", university students gain experience by working on different subjects online. With these programs, we enable the technology to be closely known and support the increase of interest in the field of software. Thanks to the "VBT Digital Internship Program 2020", we met with 100 young friends from all over Turkey under the same roof. If you want to be among the "VBT Digital Internship Program 2021" that we will organize for the second time this year, you can create your application early

The dates of our online internship program, which will serve with quotas of 50 people, are as follows;
  • Group 1 will be in the form of 20 working days on dates 25 June-30 July
  • Group 2 will be in the form of 20 working days on dates 16 August-13 September
Our internship program is closed to student admission.

You can send mail to [email protected] for your questions.